All About That Basic: 7 Reasons Why Being Basic Isn’t So Bad

My generation is weird; I have no problem admitting it. On one hand, we’re highly dependent on technology, we post too much on social media about our day, we care too much about fitting in and following trends, and the question “what Netflix show are you watching now?” probably comes up in daily conversation far too often.

On the other hand, though, my generation is amazing. We use technology to stay in touch with friends that have moved far away, especially in college, we’re experiencing the world in a way that we feel others just have to see so we show our adventures via social media, we are driven by the idea of success and so college degrees are becoming the norm, and let’s be real Netflix is a genius invention that needs no explanation because it has saved most college students from going crazy on multiple occasions.

However, to those who don’t understand us, we’re the generation of pumpkin spice lattes, hiking and Instagraming (because you can’t do one without the other of course), and introducing strange words/phrases into our daily vocabulary like “too turnt”, “can’t even”, “hashtag”, “yas” and my all time favorite: “basic”.

Basic [bey-sik]

n./adj./really anything you want it to be

  1. used to describe any person, place, thing, or activity that involves typical/trendy/common behavior; generally used to characterize females of  the Caucasian race (ex: “basic white girl”)
  2. often used by males who are not aware that they possess the ability to be basic as well
  3. not the kind related to chemistry

Well while some criticize girls and guys (yes boys, don’t think this doesn’t apply to you Mr. Ralph Lauren and Sperry Top-siders) for being described as such, I say what’s so wrong with being basic?

1. Starbucks can satisfy everyone’s taste bud

Find me someone that doesn’t like at least one thing on the menu. Oh, you can’t? That’s because despite how “basic” it may be, it’s delicious and can accommodate anyone’s coffee needs year round, and if you don’t like coffee, they still have giant cookies. Everyone loves giant cookies.

2. Yoga pants/leggings are beyond comfortable

Boys, you know you can’t complain about the basicness of this attire because you like seeing them as much as we love wearing them. Girls, for ultimate comfort pair with a big t-shirt and experience the most basic and most comfortable outfit of all time.

3. Exploring the world is what everyone should be doing

So what if we post a picture of every mountain we hike or ocean we visit? The world is an absolutely beautiful place, so travel, take pictures, post them to any and every social media that you please. Adventuring is truly living, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to be taking advantage of the life you’re given.

4. Snapchat is the new and improved texting

It’s become more of a hobby than simply a means of communication. Not only do you get to talk to your best friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc., but you get to see them as well! Best of both worlds (until someone screenshots that is).

5. Converse and Nike can thank all the basics out there for making their sales skyrocket 

We’re really doing these companies a favor by providing them with basically (pun intended) a third of their sales revenue. Plus, we’re bettering the economy by spending more money, right? (at least that’s what I got from my Econ 2105 class…)

6. On that note so can all the “hipster wannabe” companies

We keep fashion going and are always up to date with what’s in style and what isn’t. If you can’t count on the basics to wear and promote your clothing, who can you count on?

7. Diversity is a key to being “basic” 

At this point you’re probably just shaking your head thinking, “Isn’t that what being basic is all about? Being just like everyone else?” Well you’re right, in a sense; however there’s        a bit more to it. If you’re in my generation of college students, you’ll understand the concept that there are different kinds of basics out there. There’s the “basic white girl”, the “basic hipster wannabe”, the “basic athlete”, the “basic preppy boy”, the list goes on.

Most likely everyone you see on campus could be placed into a category, which leads me to my most pressing argument for the whole “basic” era: if everyone is so-called basic, is anyone basic at all? Is there even a need for the term? Maybe we just obsess over categorizing people with these strange words that we establish new meanings for because it’s what society has taught us to do and what our favorite TV shows/movies reiterate to us (ex. Mean Girls…duh).

It’s like it gives us a sense of composure to know that everything has a place and a general identifier. Although we will never get rid of this organized chaos we compete with everyday, we can bask in the glory that it’s okay to be in one of those categories, whether it’s “basic”, “Greek”, “athlete”, etc. Whatever our identifier is, let it identify us and let us own up to it and find the good that comes out of it, but don’t let it hold you back and define your entire person. It’s okay to accept the fact that maybe we’re all a little basic in our own way, but there’s good things about that, not just the negative aspects that society pushes.

Take your identifier and show others that there’s more to it than just a word with a few letters, there’s a whole description.