20 Things Girls Learn Before They Turn 20

As little girls we played dress up with our best friends, pretending like we were princesses married to our Prince Charming, and together we ruled over our kingdom while living in a beautiful castle. Then, at some point in our lives that no one can ever really pinpoint, we got older and suddenly our princess gowns turned into graduation gowns, our castles turned into colleges, and our Prince Charming turned into a figment of our imagination.

When we were young, growing up and being in our twenties seemed like all we wanted and more. After all, even if there weren’t actual fairy tale castles and ballgowns, there was still the idea of being an adult and in charge of ourselves, the idea of having a career where we still got to play dress up but in professional clothes of course, and the idea of finding that special someone to share your morning coffee and conversation.

As I turned 20 last month, I got so excited thinking of all the wonderful twists and turns headed my way as I take on the decade that everyone craves to call their own. However, as I left one decade to enter the next, thinking of all that I was going to learn in the next 10 years, I thought of all that I had already learned thanks to the decade that I was putting behind me. Although you’re not a teenager for an entire decade, you’re still one for 7 years, and I realized that I learned more in those short 7 years than I ever gave my teen years credit for:

  1. Your best friends become your family both figuratively and literally when they’re at your house so much that they’ve basically moved in
  2. There are some things in life that are always worth the extra penny, and makeup and shoes will always be 2 of them
  3. Money spent on making memories is money well spent
  4. When boys let you down, you still have 2 other B’s that you can always count on to make everything better: beach and best friends

  5. For the times when the beach isn’t exactly the most reasonable getaway, a music blasting kind of late night drive with your best friends can also be a good remedy for a bad day
  6. Some people are worth a lot of work to keep around
  7. And some people leave your life that you’re better off without
  8. Finding the right guy has to be treated as if you’re searching for the right lipstick; you can go through many kinds before you finally find the right one that best fits you, but you never settle or change yourself to fit them

  9. Although growing up does mean changing, that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing; it’s how you decide to change that will make the biggest impact
  10. There is a difference between a good and bad hair tie; we’ve all learned the hard way…
  11. Sometimes things change that we have no control over, but regardless of whether we like it or not, we know we have to learn from it and move on

  12. Going outside your comfort zone will result in some of the best stories and most memorable life lessons
  13. Boys will break your heart and you’ll probably get a breakup haircut or piercing (or both if it was really bad), but eventually you’ll move on and realize you’re a different although better person because of it, so really we should thank them for making us so awesome
  14. Fighting with your best friend can be more upsetting than fighting with your boyfriend
  15. But in the end you two will apologize, make up, and move on because you both need each other in life

  16. Self-confidence is often times easier said than done, but with a good dress and the right pair of heels, you can feel like you could conquer the world
  17. Retail therapy is the best therapy (just not for your wallet)
  18. The friendships that last after high school are the friendships that are the most valuable
  19. And some friendships that you make in just the first 2 years of college are going to be ones that will last a lifetime
  20. And last but certainly not even close to least: doing what makes you happy will make you just that, happy, and happiness should never be postponed for the sake of others

So whether you’re already well into your twenties, an adult past your twenties in denial of your actual age, or a young teenager in the midst of the 7 years of crazy chaos, I think we all owe a big thank you to the 7 years that taught us some of the most important lessons that prepared us for the next and best decades in our life. As for me, bring it on, twenties! I’m ready for you!


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