Grand Road Trip: Let’s Do This! 

After traveling parts of Europe, seeing the Eifle Tower, Big Ben, historic castles, and the lively streets of Dublin, I fell in love with seeing. Not just seeing the Eifle Tower, but seeing how it illuminates the city of Paris at night; not just seeing Big Ben, but seeing the immense and gorgeous city built around it. While some spent their summer at internships or working, I knew those opportunities would come to me another time, but the opportunity to travel to another continent wouldn’t come all that often after graduation. So I took it, and I fell in love.

Going to another country is incredible, but finding hidden gems and hole-in-the-walls in Europe made me wonder how many of these kinds of places I’m missing out on in my own country. Of course thinking about traveling the country is the easy part; it’s the being bold and actually planning a trip that’s difficult. Luckily I’ve surrounded myself with friends who also have the urge to travel and see everything, so this spring break, instead of going to a beach somewhere for a week like most every college student does, I’m embarking on a road trip across the country to the Grand Canyon. With three great friends, a rental car, and my duffle bag, I’ll get to fall in love with seeing all over again, and this time in my own country.

What’s a road trip without great stops along the way? We’ve pinpointed and mapped out our route to include tons of great spots throughout the 5 day road trip: Bourbon Street, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Phoenix, Antelope Canyon, The Wave, The Painted Desert, and of course the final destination – The Grand Canyon. We’ll also be seeing the World’s Largest Paper Airplane because why not?

It’s a tough decision to go on a long road trip. There’s numerous precautions you have to take, a lot of money to save, and a good amount of risk involved, but leaving the country to study abroad had all of that and more. And at least this time I’ll understand the language!

Look out for more blogs throughout the next week as we get to experience a taste of what America has to offer. Let the Grand Road Trip begin!  #grandtheftaltima


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