Grand Road Trip: Day 1 

Start: March 5, 5:00am in Athens, Ga

End: March 5, 11:30pm in Dallas, Tx

We were up and at ’em at 4:00 this morning! Rental car (check!), bags packed (check!), jammin’ playlists for the long ride (check!). A lot of coffee and a lot of excitement got us through the 18 hours from Athens to Dallas. First small stop was on the side of the highway (carefully of course) to take a picture with the Alabama welcome sign! Self-timers are life savers.

Once we passed through Mississippi and got to Louisiana, we made one quick stop at the Abita Mystery House before reaching Bourbon Street in NOLA! Inside the small, shabby house is essentially a collection of knick-knacks strewn randomly along the walls and ceilings. From a two person organ (Mary had to turn a crank while Devin played) to the House of Shards made entirely of glass shards, it was an interesting but great experience. Plus we got a free pair of Mardi Gras beads out of it!

Once in NOLA, we put an hour in the parking meter and made our way through the loud and crowded streets of New Orleans. Street performers, horse carriages, and people were everywhere as we walked around, carrying our Po-Boys from a small restaurant named Johnny’s. Outside Café Du Monde, two lines wrapped around the popular café, but the surprising factor was seeing my high school best friend standing right outside the front! I guess you never know who you’ll run into in NOLA!

An hour later, we were back on the road with one last stop on the list for the day: Dallas, Texas. Thanks to great family friends who opened their home to us for the night!

So far it’s been a trip full of car games (some even getting a bit too competitive), tons of laughing, and great throwback tunes. As we neared our resting stop for the night, we exchanged favorite times from the day, and while we got to see some pretty incredible and interesting places, we all said how much we’ve been loving just being in the car with each other, talking and laughing. I’m thankful for friends like these that can be in the car for hour after hour and still make the best of it. Overall, a very successful first day of the road trip!

The anticipation is building for our final destination of the Grand Canyon on Monday with over 1,000 miles down and about 1,000 more to go! You can keep up with our Instagram photos with the hashtag #grandtheftaltima. No worries, no stolen cars here, just a Nissan Altima headed to the Grand Canyon.

Next stop: Arizona!

Mile count: 1,081

Hour count: 18


2 thoughts on “Grand Road Trip: Day 1 

  1. Beth McPartlan says:

    Thanks Ashton!! Love reading your blogs! You’re a great writer!! Keeping you all lifted in prayer for safe travels!! Can’t wait to see e pics of the Grand Canyon!! 💖


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