Grand Road Trip: Day 2 

Start: March 6, 6:00am in Dallas, Tx

End: March 7, 12:30am in Phoenix, Az

“We really overestimated our abilities,” as Devin said, so we decided to leave at 6am this morning instead of 5 for that extra hour of much needed sleep. With a full tank of gas and a full day ahead of us, we headed off to Phoenix!

Out of the six day road trip, the longest drives are from Dallas to Phoenix and from Holbrook, Az to Columbia, Mo. Today we set out on one of the two 18 hour straight car rides, with most of the time being spent in the car unlike the previous day. Although being in a car for so long did take its toll on us every now and then, especially as we got closer to Phoenix and grew more tired, we still made the best of it that we could! Creating extensions to our already existing car games plus stopping at a couple spots on our list made for a good second day on the open road as we traveled from Texas to Arizona.

We had quick stop in Abilene, Texas to see the World’s Largest Buffalo Head! The hours declared that the exhibit wasn’t necessarily open… But the gate was!

At the Universiy of Texas of the Permian Basin is a Stonehenge Replica, exhibiting the exact layout of the real Stonehenge in England. So of course we made a photo op out of it! Located in Odessa, Tx, the intriguing artwork made for a great break from the car and a breath of fresh air.

Voted the highlight of the day, sliding down sand dunes at the Monahans Sandhills State Park was so much fun!


After sliding down the sandhills, the long hours in the car began as we drove from Monahans, Tx to Phoenix, Az. During the drive, we rode along the border of Mexico and Texas on I-10 West, getting so close to Mexico that our phones starting picking up Mexican signals, and we had to switch our phone to airplane mode so we didn’t get international data charges. Then around 6:00 Eastern time we reached New Mexico!

For most of the drive into New Mexico and prior to reaching the border, on the left we could see Mexico and on the right was Texas/New Mexico! After a tiring ride and reaching the 2,000 mile mark, we finally made it safe and sound to Phoenix, Az. Tomorrow is the big day! Grand Canyon, here we come!



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