About Me

kendall and me


What’s up fellow wordpressers! My name is Ashton, that’s me up there in the red sweater, and this is my blog basically about anything and everything. From relationships to just life in general and traveling and school, this is my blog about it all and my experience with each.

I’m simply a twenty year old in college trying to figure out life as it goes and having found my love for writing when I was younger, words help me at least attempt to understand what’s going on in the world around me.  I’m a junior at the finest university I could ever imagine being a part of: The University of Georgia. Go Dawgs! I am seeking a BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Publication Management and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. In my (rare) free time, I love to read and enjoy the occasional (more like 10 episodes in a row) Netflix study break. Around campus you could probably find me at anyplace that sells a good cup of coffee because when it comes to coffee I’m like one of the Gilmore girls.

So you know that I’m twenty-something, but what about the “fearless” part of my blog title you ask? Well to clear up any presumptions that it might have to do with Taylor Swift’s album: it doesn’t. Although that album was amazing and I still listen to it without shame on the reg. I decided on “twenty-something and fearless” because that’s the kind of person I’m going to strive to be in my twenties. I want to be someone who takes risks and isn’t afraid to do so. If one day I get the opportunity to work in New York, I hope I’m fearless enough to leave my life behind in Georgia and move to a new state far away. Being fearless in life is how you get the most out of life. So I want to be fearless and I want to live my life to its absolute fullest potential.

So now you know a little about me and a little about my blog! Since this blog is essentially a compilation of some of the thoughts that run through my never-ceasing stream of consciousness, and as thoughts are as about as personal as it gets, some of my posts may or may not be relatable to some of you, but often times I’ve found that the thoughts and words that come from someone else’s mind can allow us to open our own to new perspectives.


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